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hi i want to create web page which can not be maximized or minimize how to create such,, and sometime we can see some advertising page which is fixed so i want to create like that,,

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You can't do this. Your web page can't handle the state of the browser. And also you won't able to prevent the zooming of your page.

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Simple answer, set the width and the height of every single element?

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Using Javascript you can make your page resize itself back to its intended size, but beware for you have no control of a user's viewarea. What this means is that not every client has the ability to display 1240x720 or whatever the case may be in your one-size-fits-all methodology.

You can use something like this within your body tag:

<body onResize="javascript:changeBackTo(800,600)">

And this as a script:

function changeBackTo(myWidth,myHeight) {
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