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I have a JSON string that looks like:


I'm trying to deserialize it to object (I'm implementing a caching interface)

The trouble I'm having is when I use


It's coming back as


Is that right?

I can't assert on anything... I also can't use the dynamic keyword....

Is there a way to return an anonymous object from the ServiceStack.Text library?

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You can't deserialize into an object since it doesn't know what type to serialize into so it leaves it as a string which is an object.

Consider using ServiceStack's dynamic APIs to deserialize arbitrary JSON, e.g:

var json = @"{\"Id\":\"fb1d17c7298c448cb7b91ab7041e9ff6\",

var obj = JsonObject.Parse(json);

Or parsing into a dynamic:

dynamic dyn = DynamicJson.Deserialize(json);
string id = dyn.Id;
string name = dyn.Name;
string dob = dyn.DateOfBirth;
"DynamicJson: {0}, {1}, {2}".Print(id, name, dob);

Another option is to tell ServiceStack to convert object types to a Dictionary, e.g:

JsConfig.ConvertObjectTypesIntoStringDictionary = true;
var map = (Dictionary<string, object>)json.FromJson<object>();
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Looks good... when I do this, the "properties" of my object come back (for example) as : [0] {[Name, John]} - an array of key / value... is that right? – Alex Feb 7 '14 at 11:40

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