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I want to get current page URL using javascript ,Any one have suggestions ?

Also i need to get the content from the hashtag For ex: xxxx.com/#21 i need to get that 21 in the javascript

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To get the entire current URL, use:

var currentURL = window.location;

Then to get the hash, without the # itself, use:

var trimmedHash = window.location.hash.substr(1);
// returns `21` from `xxxx.com/#21`

window.location.hash returns #21, and substr(1) returns all but the first character of that string, thus removing the #.

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Use next:

HREF = document.location.href
HASH = document.location.hash


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Some links to documentation would definitely improve answer quality. –  J0HN Feb 6 at 11:10
The better member is window.location, not document.location. Use w3.org instead of stupid w3schools with wrong information. –  DanFromGermany Feb 6 at 11:21


window.location.hash // will result #21
window.location.hash.substr(1) // will result 21

hope that helps.

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