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Hey all, I have a few questions about configuring a router to achieve low-latency, high speed throughput on a local area network that is not connected to the network. I've read up on some stuff, but thought I would solicit some opinions here on what I've found and what I want to know....

  1. Turn off SSID broadcast - it produces extraneous packets that all clients receive and reply (?) to. Not a huge deal, but it may help a bit.

  2. Mixed-mode off - I should attempt to have all devices using the same standard (e.g. 802.11n) and turn mixed-mode off.

  3. Any thoughts on security? Does having WEP or any of the WPA variants actually increase latency? Nothing super secure is going over this LAN so if turning security off made things better, that'd be cool.

Any other thoughts or things to focus on to create the low latency environment I'm trying to go for would be great. Links to webpages and papers are also cool. I'm open to go through a bunch of stuff. Thanks in advance!

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Wrong site; try superuser.com –  Jay Riggs Jan 29 '10 at 5:51
Sorry about that. Will post there. Thanks! –  Mark C Jan 29 '10 at 5:57

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