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Using the ORM, I want to be able to load all articles that posted, in which a user has made a comment.

comments table


Using ORM, I can access all articles posted by a user, but how would I be able to access all articles in which the user has commented on?



Another problem is, if a user comments on the same article twice, that article will show twice.. how do I change the group by clause of one object from within another?

Also, how do I change the order of one object from another?

Im using 2.3.4.

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What version of Kohana are you using? –  dusan Jan 29 '10 at 17:56

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ORM within kohana is mostly ment for simple tasks. While I'm sure it is possible to do this in ORM I rather use normal queries for a bit more complicated tasks:

$this->db = Database::instance();
        id as comment_id
    left join
        articles.id = comments.article_id
        user_id = $user_id
    group by

something like this should do the job if I didn't make any errors

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In pseudocode, try this...

  • In Article Model, Have $has_many = array('comments');

  • In Comment Model, Have $belongs_to = array('article');

  • And in the code where you query:


$comments = ORM::factory('comment')
                ->where('user_id', $user_id);

foreach($comments as $comment)
    $article_id = $comment->article->id;

Sorry this won't solve duplicate article entry when $user_id comment more than once in an article... You may need to do bit more research on top of this.

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maybe it wasn't as pseudocode'ish as I thought it would be.... = = –  rockacola Feb 1 '10 at 2:13

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