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How do I make my python script exit when the database throws time out error? I only get the message if I ctrl-c to manually quit - I'd like to get python to stop immediately on the error..

import pyodbc
conn = pyodbc.connect("DSN=OurDSN", autocommit=True)
cursor = conn.cursor()
query = "SELECT * FROM our_table limit 100"
for row in cursor.execute(query):
    print row

Error message:

"Traceback (most recent call last):          
 File "./impala_test.py", line 6, in <module>
conn = pyodbc.connect("OurDSN=Hive", autocommit=True)
 pyodbc.Error: ('HY000', '[HY000] [unixODBC][Cloudera][HiveODBC] (34) Error from Hive:    EAGAIN (timed out). (34) (SQLDriverConnect)')"
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pyodbc's query timeout is disabled by default. Try setting it to a value you want?

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