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I am getting the below error when I pass path as my 2nd argument. It looks like problem is with the space.

Files was unexpected at this time

I am executing the batch file with following parameters

services.cmd 2 "C:\Program Files (x86)\folder\Folder\folder\Bin" corp\acct password


@echo off

if "%1" == "" goto PARAMS
if "%2" == "" goto PARAMS
if "%3" == "" goto PARAMS
if "%4" == "" goto PARAMS

sc create "<service name>"%1 binpath= "\%2\xxx.exe\" \"xxx.exe.config\""
rem sc config "<service name>"%1 displayname= "<display name>"%1 obj= %3 password= %4 start= auto description= "Runs the service."

goto END


echo Usage CreateServices.cmd binfoldername binfolderpath username password

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Could you please provide the code of the batch file and the value of the path you pass? – Stephan Bauer Feb 6 '14 at 12:06
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You cannot escape quotes within a quoted string. Use %~2 to get rid of the unwanted quotes from a parameter.

Try the following:

sc create "<service name>%~1" binpath= "%~2\xxx.exe" "xxx.exe.config"
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I changed %2 to %~2 i.e sc create "<servicename>"%1 binpath= "\~%2 \"xxx.exe.config\"" but still getting the error: Files was unexpected at this time when i pass services.cmd 2 "C:\Program\folder\Folder\folder\Bin" corp\acct password it works Looks like batch file is not accept it as an argument – prashanthkr08 Feb 6 '14 at 12:40
@user1838411 - Try the line as I have it in my answer. Also, implement the changes shown in foxidrive's answer. – dbenham Feb 6 '14 at 14:37

As well as Dave's comment, you need tildas in these lines

if "%~1" == "" goto PARAMS
if "%~2" == "" goto PARAMS
if "%~3" == "" goto PARAMS
if "%~4" == "" goto PARAMS

But all you need to check for all four parameters (if all 4 are required) is this:

if "%~4" == "" goto PARAMS
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Thanks a lot, that worked. – prashanthkr08 Feb 7 '14 at 3:53

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