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Can anyone figure this out? take a look at what I mean here:


Compare it between any other browser & FireFox


enter image description here

Have tested this on windows & mac in IE, Chrome, Safari, Opera & FireFox.. and its on FireFox im getting this problem!

Ive tried inspecting the page with the dev tools available in firefox and cant figure it out

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Would you add relevant code to the question? –  Pavlo Feb 6 at 12:44
I think this is the same problem and it looks like a bug: stackoverflow.com/questions/13070630/firefox-body-margin-bug –  speetje33 Feb 6 at 12:47
@Pavlo, there is a link to the code in the question –  David Randall Feb 6 at 12:50
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2 Answers

Try one of the following:

1) remove float: left; from .mainHead nav ul li (style.css ... line 78) That should fix the problem cross-browsers. You may have to define left/right margin.

2)add the following code to style.css which will target only firefox browser:

@-moz-document url-prefix() {
    .mainHead nav ul li{

Let me know what works for you...

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Sadly this didnt work for me, though I found that Piro's answer did however fix my issue. Thanks! –  TheOne Feb 6 at 15:31
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I'm not sure, but it might be linked to this Firefox Bug : https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=451791

In your case, this simple css workaround seems to get your page fixed on FF (haven't testedif it breaks other navigators)

.container { padding: 0.001em; }
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