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I need to create an interactive report but instead of running a sql statement I need to run a pl/sql statement

USER_ID        Name                 1 java 2 php 3 pl/sql / sql 4 Oracle apex
-------------- -------------------- ------ ----- -------------- -------------
3              Amy brown            N      N     Y              N           
4              Sarah woods          N      N     Y              Y           
2              Johnny paterson      Y      Y     Y              Y           
1              John brown           Y      N     Y              Y   

If this is NOT possible to do it in apex.

Is they any run of saving the results from that pl/sql statement in a csv format when you run the pl/sql?

In the interactive report, users will not be able to add or remove anything. Its is only for viewing.


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Just a thought - You could use a TABLE function or PIPELINED function instead of a refcursor. oracle-base.com/articles/misc/pipelined-table-functions.php –  Drumbeg Feb 6 at 19:30
Could you elaborate on why you need a plsql statement/ref cursor? Is this data not in "normal" tables? –  Tom Feb 7 at 6:40

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