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I'm creating a simple chat program that connects two android devices and they can send simple message I run the server with Socket on a port (1234 for example)

The problem is from the client i do not know the server IP Address. (and i dont want to enter it manually) is there a way to find a server that is running on a specific port?or can i run the server on some specific static IP that i can give it to clients?

if not is there another way to communicate with android devices that works on Android 2.2+(don't want to use wifi direct) ?

Thanks in Advance

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No the port can never be fixed with a IP. It is always provided by the user. To know the IP address of the server automatically, you can run this program associated with the chat program.

public class Net {
  public Net() throws UnknownHostException {
    InetAddress ia = InetAddress.getLocalHost();
    ia = InetAddress.getByName("local host");

  public static void main(String args[]) throws UnknownHostException {
    Net a = new Net();

You run can this program by the help of a button which is associated with your chat program.

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thanks for answer but both lines output this: localhost/ which is a local IP and not correct –  SNAKY Feb 6 at 15:10
yeah it will show unless you don't connect to a network. both client and server if they work on different machines need a network to connect. or if both client and server work on a same machine will work.like connect server and client to a same wifi network and then run this program. remember the network should be same in server and client. –  sam Feb 6 at 15:46
plz do accept the answer if it helped. –  sam Feb 6 at 16:18
they are not on the same machine , if they were i wouldn't need IP Address since they both have same IP –  SNAKY Feb 6 at 16:22
okay if they are not then connect them with a network. for example you can connect both to the wifi hotspot of your mobile. and then you run this program. –  sam Feb 6 at 16:26

Assign one SERVER predominantly for getting details such as IP ADDRESS, PORT number,etc.. from all the clients. Each client when activated will contact the SERVER to register itself first and will get the details(IP ADDRESS,etc) of other device to communicate. Now they can start waiting for specific device.

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Still , the clients do not know the IP of server to communicate with , That's my problem –  SNAKY Feb 6 at 15:08
Hardcode the server ip within every client. –  Vishal Santharam Feb 7 at 6:22

On 4.1 you can use Mutlicast DNS for service discovery via the NsdManager (if you are on the same network). If you need this to work over the Internet/3G there is really no good way to do it. You could use Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) to notify clients about the server address, but in any case you will need one 'real' server on a stable address that all participants can reach.


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InetAddress.getLocalHost(); doesnot work for me but ya below code work for me

DhcpInfo dhcp = mWifiManager.getDhcpInfo();
int dhc = dhcp.serverAddress;

String dhcS = ( dhc & 0xFF)+ "."+((dhc >> 8 ) & 0xFF)+"."+((dhc >> 16 ) & 0xFF)+"."+((dhc >> 24 ) & 0xFF);

dhcS contains IP address of server,I used for Wireless connection between multiple devices.

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