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Can I use volume UUID as a unique id of an Apple system (Instead Apple System Serial Number)? The Volume UUID is retrieved as:

DADiskRef disk;
CFDictionaryRef descDict;
DASessionRef session = DASessionCreate(NULL);
        disk = DADiskCreateFromBSDName(NULL, session, "/dev/disk0s2");
                descDict = DADiskCopyDescription(disk);
                if (descDict)
                        CFTypeRef value = (CFTypeRef)CFDictionaryGetValue(descDict,
                        CFStringRef strValue = CFStringCreateWithFormat(NULL, NULL,
                                CFSTR("%@"), value);
                        NSLog(@"Serial:@", strValue);
                printf("could not create disk.");

Does this id is changed after disk formatting or os upgrade? I have developed a software assuming UUID as a unique system id and it has many downloads. Users claim that her software is not activated by previous registration key after os upgrade. I think the problem is related to the UUID.

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Your answer probably is NO. See this article to learn how to modify the UUID!

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That article is about linux, the OP was asking about an Apple system (presumably Os X). None of the different mechanisms listed in that article is available under Os X (except the uuidgen utility to generate an UUID, but that's not very helpful). It still is not a good idea to use the disk UUID because it can be changed (even if only in undocumented ways other then re-formatting the partition, which also changes it). – Analog File Nov 30 '14 at 22:30

Not much to say about the disk UUID, but a suggestion that I am using since 2007 with success. I take the MAC address of en0 and calculate a hash. This has I use to identify computers. I had in all that time maybe 3 to 5 Macs that had their mainboard replaced and thus received a new MAC address.

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It is important for me to know when a UUID is changed because I have developped a software based on UUID (assumed that uuid is unique). It seems that uuid is changed after os upgrade. – mh taqia Feb 6 '14 at 14:14
@mhtaqia it is changed every time the partition is re-formatted. It may also be changed programmatically, but this is rare because there is no officially documented way to do it. Some applications do manipulate the disk UUID (mostly they do it to preserve the UUID over a reformat). An example is the SuperDuper! backup utility which also has a hidden command that one can use to change a disk UUID to whatever value (s)he wants (it's intended for advanced administrators). One hidden utility from Apple has an undocumented option that "refreshes" a disk UUID (sets it to a newly generated UUID). – Analog File Nov 30 '14 at 22:45
@AnalogFile Thankyou, It was useful to me. – mh taqia Dec 1 '14 at 7:27
@mhtaqia Glad it helped. This is related:… – Analog File Dec 1 '14 at 7:34

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