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What is the best way to document system requirements? I currently use Use Cases to document requirements which does not include technical details (unless required) so that it is understood by the stakeholders.

Are there any other document formats for capturing system requirements which are also user friendly?

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Short answer: Use cases work very well to capture business and system requirements.

Longer answer: Early on the use case model and high-level use cases are used to capture what correspond to business requirements. Later those high-level use cases are driven to a lower level to capture more system-level and design requirements. However, I don't advocate actually putting technical specifications into a use case. I prefer something that equates more to a technical specification document.

Something else you need to consider: Systems exist within systems. Business requirements for a parent system will lead to system requirements for that system. The parent's system requirements can actually be viewed as the sub-system's business requirements. If the sub-system chose, they could spawn their own system requirements using the parent's system requirements as a starting point. It's a question of perspective.

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I think you can find those useful:
In those articles the software documentation is described in general.

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There is a difference between documentation in general and specifications... imho –  Gabriel Ščerbák Jun 3 '11 at 21:25

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