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I have created a custom field profile_created in django registration and when i include this *url(r'^accounts/register/$', RegistrationView.as_view(form_class=UserRegForm),name='registration_register'),* for custom field validation in my project.urls its not getting validate, But when i removed the url of RegistrationFormUniqueEmail url(r'^accounts/register/$', RegistrationView.as_view(form_class=RegistrationFormUniqueEmail),name='registration_register'), i got the correct output. Now i can use only one of this two url in my project.urls, if i use both url then only first one is working.How can i include both urls.

my project.forms.py

class UserRegForm(RegistrationForm):
    profile_created = forms.CharField(max_length=200)


def user_created(sender, user, request, **kwargs):
    form = UserRegForm(request.POST) 
    data = profiles(user=user)
    data.profile_created = form.data["profile_created"]

from registration.signals import user_registered


*urlpatterns = patterns('',     
    url(r'^accounts/register/$', RegistrationView.as_view(form_class=RegistrationFormUniqueEmail),name='registration_register'), 
    url(r'^accounts/register/$', RegistrationView.as_view(form_class=UserRegForm),name='registration_register'),

    url(r'^accounts/', include('registration.backends.default.urls')),*


    <label class="icon-user marginY"><b>Profile Created</b></label>
    <input type="text" name="profile_created" class="text" placeholder="Profile created" />
    {% if form.profile_created.errors %}
        <span class="error">{{ form.profile_created.errors.as_text }}</span>
    {% endif %}
    <br class="clear" />   #this is the additional field that i added

I want to validate both uniqueemail and profile created.How can i do it.Please correct the question if it is not correct.How can i add both "RegistrationView.as_view(form_class=RegistrationFormUniqueEmail)" and "RegistrationView.as_view(form_class=UserRegForm)" in a single url.

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