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I am trying to do AB Testing. The user will enter a url and I will download the html of that url and saving them in a file using PHP. After downloading the html the page will be shown to user and user can edit the html of the page. But there is a problem when I am trying to view the downloaded file in the browser. Things are pretty messed up.

Like if the html is

<img src="img/test.png" />

instead of

<img src="www.example.com/img/test.png" />

the image won't show up what is best way to resolve the issue. should i parse the html and replace all images and other link with proper url of the site or anything else.

i have tried html base tag .From a url how can i determine that which is base url of the website like a url is example.com/abc/ccc and on ccc there is website hosted so how can i know that ccc is the base url

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