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When I do search for the words like Ballantine's, the index gives me the documents that have "'s" only as few search result.

I would like to see only those documents which have the full word Ballantine's as it is in the document.

How could I change my Searching query? Changing index is very diificult for me now. As I've already indexed 3 Million documents. Reindexing takes a lot of time.

Please advice!

Thanks -Subas

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Which Analyzer did you use for indexing? – Shashikant Kore Jan 29 '10 at 12:54

You can examine your index if it contains words indexed with "'s" with a took called Luke (requires java runtime):

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One Suggestion - not tested.

  1. Dump all your tokens from your index: does it contain 'S' on it's own ?
  2. If so, you might be able to build a span-query which looks for "word"+"s" ?
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