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Me and my friend is developing a python scraper which uses Beautifulsoup 4 to parse a website. We filter parts of the page and "print" this output from the python script.

Which is, in fact, executed by PHP. However, we have a hard time figuring out the classical encoding problems. By default, Beautifulsoup returns unicode data. And that is what we forward to thePHP script.

What we want to do now is to parse the output and encode it as valid JSON. In this process we do not want to have the unicode representative in the output, but their utf-8 equivalent.

Parts of the output from the php script looks like this:

["{"," \"course_count_grade\": 24,"," \"course_count_pass\": 3,"," \"course_count_pending\": 5,"," \"course_count_total\": 32,"," \"course_credits_grade\": 0.0,"," \"course_credits_pass\": 0.0,"," \"course_list_grade\": ["," {"," \"comment\": \"\\u00a0\","," \"course_id\": \"DM2571\","," \"course_name_sv\": \"Framtidens medier\","," \"credits\": \"\","," \"credits_registered\": \"10.0\","," \"date\": \"2013-12-27\","," \"details\": ["," {"," \"comment\": \"\\u00a0\","," \"credits\": \"\","," \"credits_registered\": \"1.5\","," \"date\": \"2013-12-20\","," \"detail_id\": \"\\u00a0LABA\","," \"detail_name_sv\": \"Laborationer\","," \"grade\": \"P\""," }"," ],"," \"grade\": \"A\""," },"," {"," \"comment\": \"\\u00a0\","," \"course_id\": \"DM2572\","," \"course_name_sv\": \"Teori och metod f\\u00f6r Medieteknik\","," \"credits\": \"\","," \"credits_registered\": \"7.5\","," \"date\": \"2013-12-20\","," \"details\": ["," {"," \"comment\": \"\\u00a0\","," \"credits\": \"\","," \"credits_registered\": \"7.0\","," \"date\": \"2013-12-27\","," \"detail_id\": \"\\u00a0PRO1\","," \"detail_name_sv\": \"Projekt\","," \"grade\": \"A\""," },"," {"," \"comment\": \"\\u00a0\","," \"credits\": \"\","," \"credits_registered\": \"3.0\","," \"date\": \"2013-12-27\","," \"detail_id\": \"\\u00a0LIT1\","," \"detail_name_sv\": \"Litteraturuppgift\","," \"grade\": \"P\""," }"," ],"," \"grade\": \"B\""," },"," {"," \"comment\": \"\\u00a0\",

I have tried different options for the PHP json_encode() function like JSON_UNESCAPED_UNICODE, to no avail.

Any tip on what I might do wrong?

Update: @Len_D, Yes, I'm executing my python scripts like this: exec($command, $output); Then I take the out out and return it. When I try to do as you proposed: utf8_decode($output); I get an error saying "utf8_decode() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given". I then tried this: utf8_decode(json_encode($output)); This gives me an output, but it the same as before:

["{"," \"course_count_grade\": 24,"," \"course_count_pass\": 3,"," \"course_count_pending\": 5,"," \"course_count_total\": 32,"," \"course_credits_grade\": 0.0,"," \"course_credits_pass\": 0.0,"," \"course_list_grade\": ["," {"," \"comment\": \"\\u00a0\","," \"course_id\": \"DM2571\","," \"course_name_sv\": \"Framtidens medier\","," \"credits\": \"\","," \"credits_registered\": \"10.0\","," \"date\": \"2013-12-27\","," \"details\": ["," {"," \"comment\": \"\\u00a0\","," \"credits\": \"\","," \"credits_registered\": \"1.5\","," \"date\": \"2013-12-20\","," \"detail_id\": \"\\u00a0LABA\","," \"detail_name_sv\": \"Laborationer\","," \"grade\": \"P\""," }"," ],"," \"grade\": \"A\""," },"," {"," \"comment\": \"\\u00a0\","," \"course_id\": \"DM2572\","," \"course_name_sv\": \"Teori och metod f\\u00f6r Medieteknik\",
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You can put these headers header('Content-Type: application/json');

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Tried that, made no difference. –  Marty Feb 6 at 15:51

Read up on the php functions utf8_decode: http://www.w3schools.com/php/func_xml_utf8_decode.asp

And utf8_encode: http://www.w3schools.com/php/func_xml_utf8_encode.asp

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Try to be more specific and how I might use that in this context. This doesn't really help. –  Marty Feb 6 at 21:05
I assume you are taking the output and storing it in a php variable like $output = '...'. If you are, then use $output = utf8_decode(...) and the UTF symbols will be replaced with ISO-8859-1 characters. Am I understanding your problem correctly? –  Len_D Feb 6 at 21:20
See my updated question. –  Marty Feb 7 at 7:50
Since an array is being returned, seems like you need to walk through each element of the array and apply utf8_decode to the element and then update the array. –  Len_D Feb 9 at 5:09

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