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How do i change the colored cell values.

Using conditional formatting I have changed the cell value into red using a condition

  • cell value is = less than or equal to(zero)

After that I want to change those red colored cell values filled with '-'.

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Do you want to change the appearance only or the actual content? –  pnuts Feb 6 at 15:57
@pnuts hmmm good point: not thought of that interpretation..suspect VBA would then be the route to take. –  whytheq Feb 6 at 17:03
@whytheq For content change, perhaps filter and overwrite (depending upon no. of columns)? –  pnuts Feb 6 at 17:07

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Create a "Custom" format for the target cells:

In the Type window you have 3 areas divided by semi-colons:


The first section will be applied to positive numbers - the second to negative and the third to zero. Just type in the formats you want.

enter image description here

Works like this:

enter image description here

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