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I got few web sites running on my server.

I have a "diagnostic" page in an application that shows the amount of memory for the current process (very useful).

Now this app is 'linked' to another app, and I want my diagnostic page to be able to display the amot of memory for another w3wp process.

To get the amount of memory, I use a simple code :

var process = Process.GetProcessesByName("w3wp");
string memory = this.ToMemoryString(process.WorkingSet64);

How can I identify my second w3wp process, knowing its application pool ?

I found a corresponding thread, but no appropriate answer : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/372080/reliable-way-to-see-process-specific-perf-statistics-on-an-iis6-app-pool


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You could use WMI to identify to which application pool a given w3wp.exe process belongs:

var scope = new ManagementScope(@"\\YOURSERVER\root\cimv2");
var query = new SelectQuery("SELECT * FROM Win32_Process where Name = 'w3wp.exe'");
using (var searcher = new ManagementObjectSearcher(scope, query))
    foreach (ManagementObject process in searcher.Get())
        var commandLine = process["CommandLine"].ToString();
        var pid = process["ProcessId"].ToString();
        // This will print the command line which will look something like that:
        // c:\windows\system32\inetsrv\w3wp.exe -a \\.\pipe\iisipm49f1522c-f73a-4375-9236-0d63fb4ecfce -t 20 -ap "NAME_OF_THE_APP_POOL"
        Console.WriteLine("{0} - {1}", pid, commandLine);
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You can also get the PID using the IIS ServerManager component; way, if you need to access it in code, without redirecting and parsing console output;

public static int GetIISProcessID(string appPoolName)
    Microsoft.Web.Administration.ServerManager serverManager = new   
    foreach (WorkerProcess workerProcess in serverManager.WorkerProcesses)
        if (workerProcess.AppPoolName.Equals(appPoolName))
            return workerProcess.ProcessId;

    return 0;
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