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I'm new to Theano. Trying to set up a config file.

First of all, I notice that I have no .theanorc file:

  1. locate .theanorc - returns nothing
  2. echo $THEANORC - returns nothing
  3. theano.test() - passes ok

I'm guessing some default configuration was created wen i installed theano. Where is it?

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Theano do not create any configuration file by itself, but have default value for all its configuration flags. You only need such a file if you want to modify the default values.

This can be done by creating a .theanorc file in your home directory. For example, if you want floatX to be always float32, you can do this:

echo -e "\n[global]\nfloatX=float32\n" >> ~/.theanorc

under Linux and Mac. Under windows, this can also be done. See this page for more details:


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