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I'm probably doing something very stupid, but I'm stumped.

I have a dataframe and I want to replace the values in a particular column that exceed a value with zero. I had thought this was a way of achieving this:

df[df.my_channel > 20000].my_channel = 0

If I copy the channel into a new data frame it's simple:

df2 = df.my_channel 

df2[df2 > 20000] = 0

this does exactly what I want, but seems not to work with the channel as part of the original dataframe.

Thanks is advance.


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df.ix[df.my_channel > 20000, 'my_channel'] = 0
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Thank you. I found my own solution too, which was: df.my_channel[df.my_channel >20000] = 0 –  BMichell Feb 6 at 16:40
@BMichell I think your solution might start giving you warnings in 0.13, didn't have a chance to try yet –  lowtech Feb 6 at 19:14

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