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I'm using Lettuce/Harvest to generate a test suite for my Django code. I can now verify that if I post a Json, it does indeed add to the database correctly. However, now I want to test that if I introduce an error in my Json it returns a 400 code.

The Django Post def works beautifully. Here is the relevant part of the code:

import json
from piston.utils import rc
from django.http import HttpResponse
from piston.handler import BaseHandler
from django.http import QueryDict

class PooledSetJsonHandler(BaseHandler):
    allowed_methods = ('POST')

    def create(self, request):
        data = json.loads(request.raw_post_data)

        if error_list:            
            return HttpResponse(json.dumps(error_list),content_type='application/json',status=400)

        // etc, the rest assumes Validation worked and adds data to the database

I know when I manually introduce errors that this works. Now I have to make the test suite insert and catch the error.

At present This is what my feature file looks like:

Feature: RESTful Pooled Set Creation

    Scenario: Returns correct simple library info
        Given I HAVE a json
        AND I POST that json to /api/service/sets/
        Then I get a 201 return code
        AND I EXPECT the correct response
        AND I EXPECT library 1 to exist
        AND I EXPECT library 2 to exist
        AND I EXPECT Set 1 to exist
        AND I EXPECT Pooled Set 1 to contain a barcoded library for library 1

And my steps file looks like this:

import json
from lettuce import step, world
from lettuce.django import django_url
from lab.models import *

@step(u'I HAVE a json')
def given_have_a_json(step):
    world.fixtures["myJson"] = json.load(fp)

@step(u'I POST that json to /api/service/set/')
def given_post_json_to_api(step):
    world.fixtures["response"] = world.browser.post("/api/service/set/",json.dumps(world.fixtures["myJson"]),content_type="application/json")

@step(u'Then I get a ([0-9]*) return code')
def then_i_get_a_return_code(step, rc):
    assert int(rc) == world.fixtures["response"].status_code, "Expected %s return code but got %s" % (rc, world.fixtures["response"].status_code)


So What I want is to have a step like: And I change (.) to (.) AND I POST that json to /api/service/sets/ Then I get a 400 return code

How do I go in and change a single field in the Json? If say I pass in set.library.name and "bad_name" above?

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