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I am a newbie to this kind of system administrative work so if something is unclear let me know. Also I apologize in advance for the long question.

We have a Windows File System which was mounted on a linux box through Samba. I am writing a script where I move a bunch of files to this Windows File system and change permissions on these files such that everyone through windows/linux or mac only have read permission on these files. This script will run on the linux box and hence will have to change permissions on the linux side. I realized pretty soon that chmod will not work for this problem. I was told to look into setcifsacl.

Is setcifsacl the best way to achieve this? As a test I created a file test.txt on the mounted file server

$ ls -l
total 0
-rwxr-xr-x 1 sbsuser root 0 Feb  4 16:12 test.txt 

$ getcifsacl test.txt 

I have tried changing the group permission (removing write access) by doing the following and got this error -

$ setcifsacl -M "GROUP:S-ID2:DENIED/0x1/W" test.txt 
parse_cmdline_aces: Error 22 parsing ACEs

Is this not correct? I am not even sure I completely understand what getcifsacl is returning. Any documentation you can point to will also be very helpful.


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