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I am implementing Swagger-PHP for an API we've built.

Here is a brief recap:

Language: PHP5.3

Framework: FuelPHP 1.5.3

Environment: Local (served with Nginx)

Now I have an API method defined as follow:

 * @SWG\Api(
 *   path="/site/list",
 *   description="Get sites list",
 *   @SWG\Operation(...,
 *      @SWG\Parameter(...),
 *      @SWG\ResponseMessage(...),
 *      @SWG\ResponseMessage(...)
 *   )
 * )
public function action_run()
    //doing stuff

I now try the following (from elsewhere in my application) to generate the JSON:

$swagger = new Swagger\Swagger('my/root/dir');
$swagger->getResource('/site/list', array('output' => 'json'));

And that first line here (when instanciating my Swagger class) is throwing me an error:

ErrorException [ User Warning ]: [Semantical Error] The class "package" is not annotated with @Annotation. Are you sure this class can be used as annotation? If so, then you need to add @Annotation to the class doc comment of "package". If it is indeed no annotation, then you need to add @IgnoreAnnotation("package") to the class doc comment of class @Swagger\Annotations\Api.

Adding the @IgnoreAnnotation("package") is actually not helping.

I notice the error disappears if I remove the @package from here:

But that's not a solution.

I'm guessing this is mainly Doctrine-related but I can't seem to figure it out.

Thanks for any tips or ideas on that matter.

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Because FuelPHP has a Package class (in fuel/core/package.php), which isn’t an @Annotation the DocParser generates this warning.

Swagger-PHP uses the $docParser->setIgnoreNotImportedAnnotations(true) setting, which should prevent warnings like these.

This bug should be fixed in the next version of doctrine/annotation.

For now replace your DocParser.php with this version

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Thanks for that fix. – SebScoFr Feb 17 '14 at 15:42

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