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I need to create a settings screen, where only the first half contains preferences.

I was thinking on including a PreferenceFragment, but I need to support older devices (min supported API level is 9), and I also need to show the action bar (currently using appcompat library).

According to this question I'm screwed.

So now I need to replicate the look and feel of a preference list.

I've thought on including a ListView, and code a custom adapter that will provide a different item layout for each one of my "preference" types. I need to emulate CheckBoxPreference and ListPreference. The list preference is easy, as I just need to use the default layout for 2 text lines items (android.R.layout.simple_list_item_2), then show a custom dialog with the options. But I can't find in the built-in resources the layout for the checkbox preference.

I'll manage SharedPrefs on my own.


  • Is there a better way of emulating preferences?
  • In case not, how could I copy or even reuse the built-in layout for checked list items? Is it available in android.R.layout? I need my custom adapter to return a layout that looks almost exactly as a CheckBoxPreference for boolean-like settings.
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I ran into this exact problem, which I didn't realize before I started implementing the support library. Bunch of work for nothing.

On the other hand, all old devices I needed to support with few exceptions where phones and not tablets. So I just used PreferenceActivity on those devices (check Build.VERSION.SDK_INT) and used PreferenceFragment only on SDK 11+ devices with tablet sized screens. You could even qualify the layout resource folders with the version number and screen sizes so you don't write any code.

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While it is true that PreferenceActivity was added in API 1, I can't use it because 1) I need action bar; and 2)I need to include non-preference related views in my screen. –  Mister Smith Feb 7 '14 at 10:13

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