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i have this rails variable:

data = [{:data=>"Military / Neutral", :frequency=>1}, {:data=>"Former Armed Forces / Neutral", :frequency=>1}, {:data=>"Journalist / Neutral", :frequency=>5}, {:data=>"Journalist / ", :frequency=>46}]    

json object:

data.to_json = [{"data":"Military / Neutral","frequency":1},{"data":"Former Armed Forces / Neutral","frequency":1},{"data":"Journalist / Neutral","frequency":5},{"data":"Journalist / ","frequency":46}]    

i want to give it to my pie chart:

var pie = new Chart({
width: 1000,
height: 400,
title: "Neutral vs Non-Neutral (Pie Graph),
position: "#graphs",
margin: {
  top: 20,
  bottom: 30,
  right: 20,
  left: 40
 <%= data.to_json  %>

but i have an error:

SyntaxError: invalid property id 
[{&quot;data&quot;:&quot;Military / Neutral&quot;,&quot;freque     

it is not escaping the " (double quote)? why?

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This article may help. –  Lars Kotthoff Feb 6 at 20:11
thanks, it is helping for small json object i added <%= data.to_json.html_safe %> but not for big ones –  mamesaye Feb 6 at 20:28

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