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I have the following code, and all I can graph is the "red" line (unemployement). If anyone could help that would be great. Thank you:



data$DATE <- as.date(mdy(data$Date)) 
data$DATE <- mdy(as.character(data$Date)) 

plot(data$DATE, data$Unemployed, type="l", lwd=2, col="red",xlab="Year", 
     ylab="Jobs", ylim=c(6000,17000)) 

points(data$DATE, data$Employed, type="l", lwd=2, col="green") 

GOAL: I am trying to graph both green and red lines on a graph with one axis.

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Are the values of data$Employed within your ylim? –  Sven Hohenstein Feb 6 at 20:19
Can you describe what you're getting instead of both lines on one graph? Also, are the date$Employed values within the ylim you set in the plot() call? If they aren't, the points might just be off the plot. –  Mason DeCamillis Feb 6 at 20:19

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Looks like you want to use lines() instead of points(), but that won't matter because you put in type="l". The main thing is to force the range to include both sets of data:

plot(data$DATE, data$Unemployed, type="l", lwd=2, col="red",xlab="Year", 
     ylab="Jobs", ylim=range(c(data$Unemployed,data$Employed))) 

lines(data$DATE, data$Employed, lwd=2, col="green") 
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