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how can i send AT-command through bluetooth from a python application?

OS:fedora 8

Any one please healp me with the code?

which package i need to import?

from where can i download it?

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Duplicate:…. – S.Lott Jan 29 '10 at 11:06
this one specifically for bluetooth connection – RSK Jan 29 '10 at 11:29

To get a connection over bluetooth to your IP modem, you want to use the bluetooth rfcomm driver:

michael@challenger:~> cat /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.conf  
rfcomm0 {
        # Automatically bind the device at startup
        bind yes;
        # Bluetooth address of the device
        device 00:1C:CC:XX:XX:XX;
        # RFCOMM channel for the connection
        channel 1;
        # Description of the connection
        comment "Blackberry";

This is the setup I use for mine - YMMV.

michael@challenger:~> cu -l /dev/rfcomm0
Research in Motion BlackBerry IP Modem


Once you have the rfcomm0 port, you treat the port as a standard serial port and you're good to go.

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I think this is better.......

import bluetooth 
sockfd = bluetooth.BluetoothSocket(bluetooth.RFCOMM) 
sockfd.connect(('00:24:7E:9E:55:0D', 1)) # BT Address 
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