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I'm using Chef in my digital Ocean account, to build a droplet/instance. My server a Ubuntu 12.04 x64 . In my Cheffile i have

site 'http://community.opscode.com/api/v1'

cookbook 'apache2',
    :git =>'https://github.com/opscode-cookbooks/apache2'

And in my node json:

"apache": {
"default_modules" : 
"run_list": [


I had to already limit the modules because of some error with authz. But now, I'm always receiving the error

 * The apache2 configtest failed.
STDERR: Output of config test was:
AH00526: Syntax error on line 11 of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf:
Invalid command 'LockFile', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration
Action 'configtest' failed.

Whats is wrong with my configuration to have erros in:

  • Apache traditional setup (with all the modules?)
  • Template error for LockFile?
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This might be related. Either setup mod_xml2enc or edit template to use Mutex instead of LockFile. –  Hamid Nazari Feb 7 at 1:07
if a solution @Hamid_Nazari pointed to doesn't work, please provide relevant part of the apache2.conf file. –  Konzula Feb 7 at 14:24

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It looks like this might be a known issue with chef and the Apache2 recipe.

See the related tickets on the opscode issue tracker.




For now you could perhaps try installing version 2.2 of apache by overridding the attribute

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So what would be the correct value for default['apache']['package'] ? –  Daniel May 22 at 7:17

I have found a temporary workaround for this, at leas until the cookbook gets updated.

Replace the following section in your config located in apache2/templates/apache2.conf.erb.

LockFile /var/lock/apache2/accept.lock

With this:

Mutex file:${APACHE_LOCK_DIR} default
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You also want to remove mod_authz_default from default_modules: default['apache']['default_modules'] = ['status', 'alias', 'auth_basic', 'authn_file', 'authz_groupfile', 'authz_host', 'authz_user', 'autoindex', 'dir', 'env', 'mime', 'negotiation', 'setenvif'] –  suda Jul 16 at 8:27

I had similar problems, and I just wanted to vagrant up my ubuntu/trusty64 with apache2 using chef-solo. Ubuntu 14 and Apache 2.4 to be precise.

It worked after:

  1. Following jmreicha's answer above
  2. Removing module "mod_authz_default" that got removed from 2.4 as of http://httpd.apache.org/docs/current/upgrading.html

It's a pity, I would assume that this basic configuration should work out-of-box. As mentioned above, migration from apache2.2 to apache2.4 is planned here: https://tickets.opscode.com/browse/COOK-3900

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