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I don't understand the docs regarding the Hash 'path', so I've had no luck. I'm trying to sort each layer alphabetically:

'music' => array(
    'genre' => array(
        (int) 0 => 'Dubstep',
        (int) 1 => 'Blues',
        (int) 2 => 'Classical'
    'instrument' => array(
        (int) 0 => 'Guitar (Electric)',
        (int) 1 => 'Bassoon',
        (int) 2 => 'Harmonica (Diatonic)'
'anotherLot' => array(

I need to sort the first later of arrays by key, then the second later in each by key, and the third by the values, so I imagine the two deeper layers would be done with a nested foreach.

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I'm not familiar with CakePHP's Hash class, but here is a plain PHP solution:

ksort($data); // sort main array by keys

foreach ($data as &$outer)
    ksort($outer); // sort next layer by keys
    foreach($outer as &$inner) 
        asort($inner); // sort inner arrays by values
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I'm unsure if Hash::sort can do any better. I used natcasesort() instead of asort() for natural, case-insensitive ordering. – StringsOnFire Feb 12 '14 at 8:53

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