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I have a requirement to update a dataset after sorting it, in pl/sql. Here's is the dynamic SQL.

    v_dyn_sql:= 'UPDATE '||v_in_schema||'.'||v_in_skinny_table||'
                    SET BATCH=CEIL(ROWNUM/'||v_in_source_batch_size||') 
                        RECORD_STATUS IN '||v_in_mode||'
                        LEGACY_SYSTEM_ID__C in (SELECT LEGACY_SYSTEM_ID__C
                                          FROM '||v_in_schema||'.'||v_in_wide_table||'
                                          ORDER BY '||v_in_sort_criteria)

***Id is not unique so the MERGE statement does not work for me.

So this should sort the dataset, and then update the first v_in_source_batch_size rows with 1, second v_in_source_batch_size rows with 2, and so forth.

How can I achieve this result? Is using a cursor the only way? If so, how can I make the cursor dynamic?

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you can loop over this as a cursor in a PLSQL and issue updates one at a time. – Randy Feb 6 '14 at 22:54
How can I create a cursor dynamically for this case? – user3224907 Feb 7 '14 at 22:52
  for i in (select * from <table>) loop
    update <table> set <col>=<col_value> where <col>=i.<col_pk>;
  end loop;

Try something like this - you can use where current of to access the current row in the cursor and dispense with the where clause part of the update if you like

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