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Is it possible to tell flex to display a chart with no visible axis? I want the contents of the chart to take up all the available space. I can set the visibility on the AxisRenderer to false which will hide the axis but that leaves an empty space where the axis would usually be. How can I remove this empty space?

      <mx:DateTimeAxis id="xAxis" dataUnits="hours" />
      <mx:AxisRenderer axis="{xAxis}" visible="false" height="0" />

I've tried setting the height on the renderer but that has no effect, and there is no height style on the axis itself.

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This goes for all flex components - visible='false' makes them disappear from the view. But they are actually still there, not being drawn, but taking place. There's a second parameter called includeInLayout which, when set to false, makes them stop taking place.

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This is true for most UIComponents, but in this case it doesn't seem to work - the white space is still there. I found that Clement's solution worked. –  ccallendar Dec 9 '11 at 22:10

You need to set the size of each elements in the AxisRenderer to 0. Try this in reference to the documentation : Setting padding properties

      <mx:AxisRenderer axis="{xAxis}" 
                       showLine="false" />

There still one pixel on borders but you can set padding to -1 as trick, currently i don't find something better.

<mx:BarChart dataProvider="{data}"
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