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I have a table that looks like this:


but it can also look like this:


How do I do if I would like to select the td in the row below the text "up"? This code gets the index of "up":

$('table tr:eq(0) td:contains("up")').index();

And this is what I want to work:

$('table tr:eq(1) td:eq($('table tr:eq(0) td:contains("up")').index())');

How do I solve this?

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You have to use the + operator for string concatenation:

$('table tr:eq(1) td:eq(' + $('table tr:eq(0) td:contains("up")').index() + ')');

To make the code more understandable, I'd write it as:

var upindex = $('table tr:eq(0) td:contains("up")').index();
$('table tr:eq(1) td:eq(' + upindex + ')').whatever();
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I tend to believe you, but manual says, returns number? api.jquery.com/index –  DOC ASAREL Feb 7 at 1:16
What's the problem with that? Javascript converts numbers to strings when concatenating. –  Barmar Feb 7 at 1:19
Sorry, was on the wrong path, of course you had to use string concatenation, if you want to kept up that concept. Was to look for more like the others did and was sloooow. ;) I usually try to be close to the OP's question ( in my one or two answers compared to you;) ), but this time I searched different and did not understand your solution, haha! –  DOC ASAREL Feb 7 at 1:38
var idx=$('td:contains("up")');

jsFiddle example

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I would suggest:

var $tr = $('table tr'),
    i   = $tr.first().find('td:contains(up)').index();

var $cell = $tr.eq(1).find('td').eq(i);

You can also use the children property and filter the target element:

var table = document.getElementById('table'),
    tr = table.children[0].children;
    td = tr[0].children, 
    l = td.length,
    ind = null;    

for (var i = 0; i < l; i++) {
    if (td[i].innerHTML.indexOf('up') > -1) {
       ind = i;
var cell = tr[1].children[ind];
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