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So I need to display list items in my div, based on the user's input and validating that it is a positive value...here is what I have:

<!DOCTYPE html>
     <meta charset="utf-8">

     <div id="main">
          var x =prompt("How many list items would you like?:")

          if(x<0 || isNaN(x)){
               document.getElementById("main").innerHTML="Invalid input";

          do {
               document.getElementById("main").innerHTML="This number is:" + x + '<br>';
          x++; }

         while (x<=10) 
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Ha PreLab2 Ex1... Homework time! –  cgatian Feb 7 at 1:39
sorry? what was that? –  newbdeveloper Feb 7 at 1:44
You can do a document.getElementByTagName("body")[0].innerHTML = document.getElementByTagName("body")[0].innerHTML.replace("insert old code here","put working code here"); –  Ibu Feb 7 at 1:44
Dude its you're homework... –  cgatian Feb 7 at 1:44
it is practice for a lab test. so I am trying to understand it. –  newbdeveloper Feb 7 at 1:45

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