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Maybe it's just me, but it seems like the bottom padding is greater than the top padding for the text in this UISegmentedControl. Why is this happening?

enter image description here

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Maybe looks that way because room is left for a descender, and there are no descenders because you've used all caps. –  matt Feb 7 at 1:48
I think you're right..so to fix this would I have to manually move the text a couple pixels down? –  thisiscrazy4 Feb 7 at 1:51
Sure, just shove it down with the content offset: developer.apple.com/library/ios/documentation/UserExperience/… –  matt Feb 7 at 2:37
Or call setContentPositionAdjustment:forSegmentType:barMetrics: –  matt Feb 7 at 2:42
@matt Adjusting the content offset worked! Feel free to add as an answer so I can accept. –  thisiscrazy4 Feb 7 at 20:52

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The position is probably correct, but it looks wrong to your eye because room is left for a descender, and there are no descenders because the titles are all caps. Luckily, you can adjust the y-component of the content position! There are two ways:

  • In Interface Builder, in the attributes inspector for each segment, set the Content Offset

  • In code, call setContentPositionAdjustment:forSegmentType:barMetrics:

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