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I'm trying to display some text with html markup in GTK#. gtkhtml-sharp.dll is perfect for me but I need some functionality on Win32 platform too, any experience with gtkhtml on windows? I search the web but found only trouble with this.
I also try Mono.WebBrowser without success - some access violation occured (win) or crash (lin) in native code ocurred; or control not displayed at all.
Another gecko or xulrunner bindings failed as well, I recompile every library and whole mono but withou success.
Webkit is huge for me, that's reason why I don't try Webkit# so deep.

Have somebody any idea or suggestion?

Thanks Pavel

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From your report it wasn't clear to me if you know about/tried GeckoSharp This question is about the very same subject.

Edit: If you want help with your errors so far - you should provide more information on them. :)

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