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I am getting the hang of CSS3 fairly well, but I am working on a design that requires a background like this:

Preview of Background

The preview above is intended to be 100% width and height of the browser window, and I figured I'd set the background color to #f0f0f0 (the lightest grey color, all the way the bottom of preview), and then I'd need to create the large white div that has a point, and give that drop shadow. But I cannot figure out how to get the div to be full width and height, and give the bottom side that angle/arrow point. I don't even know where the heck to start. ANY help or guidance is greatly appreciated. Please & thank you!

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I think your are looking for something like a shaped div. Check this link ( It has the CSS you can use for shaping the div.

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The chevron shape they provided worked very well! Simple to implement and tweak as well. Awesome resource, they have some neat shapes available. Thanks! – Alix Përry Feb 7 '14 at 22:52
Update: Live Preview using CSS Shapes – Alix Përry Feb 7 '14 at 23:08
    body { margin: 0 }
<div style="width: 100vw; height: 100vh; background-image: myimage.svg; background-position: bottom;"></div> <!--viewport width and viewport height-->

Then you just have to make a simple svg. Also, you can consider making the svg inline. And since I'm nice, here:

<svg xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 20 5" fill="#ccc">
    <path d="M 0,5 L 10,0 L 20,5 Z"/>
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