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I want to implement a scheduling algorithm of mine in Java and replace Hadoop's scheduling algorithm OR I want to modify Hadoop's scheduling algorithm with my own code. I DO NOT want to use available schedulers as the whole purpose is to implement my own. Any guidance or tutorials would be greatly appreciated.

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You certainly could write a job scheduler for Hadoop in java. However, before you got to the effort of writing your own scheduler I would recommend checking out Oozie, Azkaban or Quartz. The first two are job schedulers designed specifically for Hadoop, while Quartz is general purpose library for jobs scheduling.

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Also checkout Airbnb's Chronos Project. Also a general purpose scheduler, but used at Airbnb for Hadoop workflows. –  Sanketh Katta Feb 7 at 6:13
Thanks Sanketh. I'd never seen Chronos before. –  wdwtw Feb 7 at 6:46
Thank you for all the information and your time to answer for me. Although I have a scheduling algorithm I want to implement in Java using Hadoop. I don't want to use already written schedulers. –  Dav3yDoo Feb 7 at 15:07

If you are looking for how to run a hadoop job regularly, take a look at cron jobs.


I typically don't use java to automate running java. Better to make it a system task.

You will want to add something like

hadoop jar MyJar.jar args1 args2 args3

and how often you want it to run.

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No I want to replace the scheduler of Hadoop with one that I wrote. I see there are resources that explain how to change the scheduler that Hadoop uses but I have yet to see one that explains how to write your own and use it. –  Dav3yDoo Feb 7 at 4:24

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