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I have Grails application with a many to many relationship.

A product group can contain multiple products. A product can be in more than one group.

import org.joda.time.*
import org.joda.time.contrib.hibernate.*

class ProdGroup {
    String groupName
    static hasMany = [products: Product]

    String createdBy
    LocalDateTime dateCreated
    String updatedBy
    LocalDateTime lastUpdated

    static constraints = {
        updatedBy nullable: true

    static mapping = {
        autoTimestamp true
        table 'prodgroup'
        version false
        id column: 'id_group', generator: 'jpl.hibernate.util.TriggerAssignedIdentityGenerator'
        groupName column: 'nm_group'

        products joinTable: [name: 'prodgroup_prod', key: 'id_group', column: 'id_product']

        createdBy column: 'id_created_by'
        dateCreated column: 'ts_created'
        updatedBy column: 'id_updated_by'
        lastUpdated column: 'ts_updated'

The join table: prodgroup_prod also contains id_created_by and ts_created fields. How can I get these fields updated when a new record is saved in the products relationship?

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How about mapping this join table as a domain class? This is how Spring Security Source does the relation of User and Role. –  Sérgio Michels Feb 7 at 12:25

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