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I tried to use cocoa pods locally but it failed with an error.

I installed a local repo called MyPods and didn't have problems with that. I did

 $ pod repo add MyPods file://localhost/Users/colas/MyDeveloper/MyPods/.

Then, I added in MyPod a .podspec (in the folder /MyPods/MyLib/0.0.1. The .podspec file looks like this do |s|         = "MyLib"
  s.version      = "0.0.1"

  s.source       = { :path => 'file://localhost/Users/colas/MyLib/0.0.1/MyLib'}

  s.source_files  = 'MyLib/**/*.{h,m}'


Then, I want to use this pod in a project. Here's my Podfile

platform :ios, '5.0'

xcodeproj 'testMyLib.xcodeproj'

pod 'MyLib'

But I have the error:

Pod::Downloader::DownloaderError - Unsupported download strategy `{:path=>...

Is there a way to manage my own pods on my machine?

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