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I am working on an application allowing user to upload XML file to server through a web service. Files are sent as attachment. I am using MTOM. I was able to send and receive file. The problem is that my XML file contains Cyrillic letter. When I print XML on server side all Cyrillic letters changed into something like "=D0=9A=D0=95=D0=9D=D0=96=D0=90=D0==9B=D0=98=D0=9D=D0=9E=D0=92=D0=90". At first I thought that java code was wrong and I used wrong encoding when reading XML file attachment on server side. To test the web service I use SOAPUI. I started looking at the request and found that even before request containing the file was sent, SOAPUI already "messed up" the characters in the attachment. raw request in SOAPUI

How should I set the SOAPUI setting to send proper request?

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Set the Encoding property in you test request to UTF-8.

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yep. This step is also necessary – Russell'sTeapot Feb 21 '14 at 4:50
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mmm anyways I was using old version of soapui. After I got the latest one, the problem disappeared.

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