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Schools will install my application as a Google Apps app. Right now I request the drive scope, so my app can read/write all of the current user's drive files. How can I ask a domain administrator to grant that privilege to my app on behalf of all of the users in the domain, so that each individual person doesn't have to understand & grant the permissions later?

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If you build and publish your app to the Google Apps Marketplace, domain administrators can install your and pre-approve access for all users of the domain. You can find details at https://developers.google.com/apps-marketplace/.

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Thanks for your response, but I'm afraid I can't find details there - the section on "publishing your app" tells me how to publish on the Chrome Web Store (not the Google Apps Marketplace), and when I do that the domain administrator is not given a chance to grant the permissions for each user. Do you have a more specific link? –  Riley Lark Feb 8 at 1:38
Actually, the Google Apps Marketplace uses the Chrome Webstore behind the scenes. You use the same Chrome Webstore developer account to publish. What makes it a Google Apps Marketplace app is specifying "container": ["DOMAIN_INSTALLABLE"]. That will list it in the CPanel instead of chrome.google.com/webstore. –  jonathanberi Feb 8 at 2:00
I was starting to get that impression, thanks for the clarification. Unfortunately, listing DOMAIN_INSTALLABLE and USES_DRIVE (or whatever it is) does NOT prompt the installer to grant access on behalf of all users, at least in the "test install-process" flow I can start from the API Console. –  Riley Lark Feb 8 at 15:27
Ah, I think that's because the test flow only tests install flow of a web app, not the Drive app. That's a good feature request. Can you try listing just to your domain or a test users? –  jonathanberi Feb 10 at 6:18

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