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I am not able to save Arabic text when I moved my project to a new server (CentOS 6). The coding and database structure are the same. But in my new server it is printing just like ????.

I checked the php.ini and found that mbstring is installed.

enter image description here

Please, Anybody tell me if anything else need to be in the server for supporting Arabic language.

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How did you move the project? Maybe it's the database that's the problem? You have to follow the trail and figure out which component is broken. –  Ansari Feb 7 at 5:15
just download files from one server and uploaded to the new server. Exported the db and imported to the new one –  Ammu Feb 7 at 5:21
Did you export in UTF-8 and import also in UTF-8? Are the database settings all set to use UTF-8 on the new server? –  Ansari Feb 7 at 5:25
yes am having all the Arabic values in db. But when i update it from my edit form the corresponding text changed to "???" –  Ammu Feb 7 at 5:28

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All table collation was correct. But the problem was database collation. It is not changed to utf8_general_ci. The issue solved when I changed the collation from latin1_general_ci to utf8_general_ci.

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