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I was trying to build a mobile first layout with Susy grid system, where the main content had three columns, left aside, seciton.class"maincontent", and right aside. The middle column of "maincontent"would be what I want to appear first in mobile layout, while the smaller asides would appear after the maincontent. When using Susy it seems like I have to structure the markup, so that the main content comes after the left aside if I want everything to look correct on the Desktop layout. Can something like Jquery be used so that at a certain breakpoint, it is used to create a visual source order change and allow the main content to be inserted in between the two asides on a Desktop layout? Or am I stuck having to have a mobile first layout where the left aside appears before the main content?

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You can use pull to offset the columns contrary to the source order:

// pull(<$columns> [, <$context>, <$from>, <$style>])
.box { @include pull(2); }

Pull @ Susy Doc

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