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My goal is to get instanced rendering working, however even a single glDrawElements fails right now. Note: This code already works on Windows. However on OS X it fails with GL_INVALID_OPERATION

Basically I load up all the static data into buffers, and then the last buffer contains dynamic data which I reload before every draw. I then call glDrawElementsInstanced (or for debugging glDrawElements) which promptly fails. I know because there's an error print before, and after that call, and it always prints out an OpenGL error. (Even with glDrawElements) This error does not appear if I use glDrawArrays instead

Please see the comments in the code for some additional information. Any help is extremely appreciated.

//Setup code, at this point vertices,textureCoordiantes,normals are all populated

//Allocate the space for the gpu buffers now
//and send the static data
//Rebind the array to bring them into the current context
glBindVertexArray ( vertexArray );

//Push voxel to gpu
glBindBuffer ( GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, vertexBuffer );
glBufferData ( GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, 36*sizeof(vec3), vertices, GL_STATIC_READ );
glEnableVertexAttribArray ( shader->AttributeVertex() );
glVertexAttribPointer ( shader->AttributeVertex(), 3, GL_FLOAT, GL_FALSE, 0, 0 );

glBindBuffer ( GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, textureBuffer );
glBufferData ( GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, 36*sizeof(vec2), textureCoordinates, GL_STATIC_READ );
glEnableVertexAttribArray ( shader->AttributeTexture() );
glVertexAttribPointer ( shader->AttributeTexture(), 2, GL_FLOAT, GL_FALSE, 0, 0 );

glBindBuffer ( GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, normalBuffer );
glBufferData ( GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, 36*sizeof(vec3), normals, GL_STATIC_READ );
glEnableVertexAttribArray ( shader->AttributeNormal() );
glVertexAttribPointer ( shader->AttributeNormal(), 3, GL_FLOAT, GL_FALSE, 0, 0 );
//Allocate space for positions
glBindBuffer ( GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, positionBuffer );
glBufferData ( GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, INSTANCE_RENDER_SWEEP*sizeof(vec4), positions, GL_DYNAMIC_READ );
glEnableVertexAttribArray ( shader->AttributePosition() );
glVertexAttribPointer ( shader->AttributePosition(), 4, GL_FLOAT, GL_FALSE, 0, 0 ); 

    //This code runs a bit later, but runs over and over:
    //indices is a vector<GLuint> of length 36 and is just 0-35

glBindVertexArray ( vertexArray );
glBindBuffer ( GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, positionBuffer );
glBufferSubData ( GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, 0,INSTANCE_RENDER_SWEEP*sizeof(vec4), positions );
glEnableVertexAttribArray ( shader->AttributePosition() );
glVertexAttribPointer ( shader->AttributePosition(), 4, GL_FLOAT, GL_FALSE, 0, 0 ); 

//The position is per-instance
//everything else is per-vertex

cout << "1Err: " << glGetError() << "\n";
//glDrawElementsInstanced(GL_TRIANGLES, 36, GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, &indices[0], bufferedVoxels);
    //This next error prints out 1282 which is GL_INVALID_OPERATION
    //However if i replace the above with glDrawArrays, it works for one instance (no error)
cout << "2Err: " << glGetError() << "\n";
//All buffered voxels now drawn
bufferedVoxels = 0;
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What sort of OpenGL context are you using on OS X at the moment? Core 3.2+? Instancing is GL 3.x era, to use it in the unextended form on OS X you need a Core profile. Any function that is only exposed in Core that you try to call from the GL 2.1 context will either silently fail or product GL_INVALID_OPERATION on OS X. This makes it different from other platforms, where if the function is not supported you know this because the function pointer will be NULL. –  Andon M. Coleman Feb 7 at 5:27

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I'm not too experienced with openGL, but are you using glew? If so, did you try setting glewExperimental = GL_TRUE before glewInit() ?

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GLEW is not necessary on OS X. Apple has always done things differently, and their way of doing GL is a little tricky as explained in my comment to the OP's question. –  Andon M. Coleman Feb 7 at 5:28
Thanks for pointing that out –  lightandlight Feb 7 at 6:31

With a GL core context, you cannot pass a client-side array for the indices parameter of glDrawElements or glDrawElementsInstanced. In both cases, you need to create an index buffer and storing your indices in this buffer. The indices parameter of the draw call then becomes the offset (in bytes) into the bound index buffer from which to read the indices.

However, seeing as your indices array is simply 0 - 35, why not use glDrawArrays or glDrawArraysInstanced instead?

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