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I want to change the Helper based on the element it is currently hovered. I am trying to find the hovered element but i am not getting. How to get the Hovered element ?

$('.sortableTable tbody').sortable({
connectWith: ".sortableTable tr",
items: "tr:not(.disabled)",
helper: function (event, element) {
    return $('<div class="hoverCard">Valid</div>')
sort: function (event, ui) {
    ui.helper = $('<div class="hoverCard">Testing</div>');

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What do you mean by the hovered element? The item that's currently being dragged? –  Swires Feb 7 '14 at 9:58
No, the item which is below the dragged item. –  Manish Patwari Feb 7 '14 at 10:46
Can you also post HTML code? –  Mutant Feb 18 '14 at 4:49

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I have solved this problem

// X & Y are the current cursor position.

// dropKeys are the Draggable elements(Elements which are allowed to move).

// It checks X & Y is on the draggable element or not, If "Yes - return true" else "return false"

function isValidPosition (x, y, dropKeys) {
 var isValid = false;
 var dropAreaOffset, dropAreaWidth, dropAreaHeight;
 $.each(dropKeys, function (index, item) {
    dropAreaOffset = $(item).offset();
    dropAreaWidth = $(item).width();
    dropAreaHeight = $(item).height() + 3;

    if (dropAreaOffset && dropAreaHeight && dropAreaWidth) {
        if (x > dropAreaOffset.left && x < (dropAreaOffset.left + dropAreaWidth)) {
            if (y > dropAreaOffset.top && y < (dropAreaOffset.top + dropAreaHeight)) {
                isValid = true;
                return false;  // break the $.each() loop.


return isValid;


// Based on the return value i am changing the Helper text :

if (isValidPosition(event.pageX, event.pageY, items)) {
else {
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