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I want to read a property file from a java class file which the both are packed together as a same jar.

Project Structure:


In the above structure folder, i want to read a abc.properties file from a.java file. I tried below methods in a.java file to read.


InputStream in = this.getClass().getClassLoader().getResourceAsStream("com/xyz/Property/abc.properties");  
Properties prop =  new Properties();  

Result: Throws NPE at prop.load(in)

Method 2:

ClassLoader cl = Constants.class.getClassLoader();
Properties prop =  new Properties();   
prop .load(cl.getResourceAsStream("com/xyz/Property/abc.properties"));

Result: Throws NPE at prop.load(in)

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If you're using Eclipse, you will need to place the resource in a directory at the package root...You'll need to find an Eclipse reference to get the full details. If you have the Jar file, try unzipping it and checking that the abc.properties exists where you expect to it –  MadProgrammer Feb 7 at 6:31

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It should work. The only reason it wouldn't is that com/xyz/Property/abc.properties is not in the jar

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Start the path with a /, see this.getClass().getClassLoader().getResource("...") and NullPointerException.

That said:

  • If you use Maven, put your property files to src/main/resources/com/xyz/property. Maven will do the necessary copying for you.
  • Always begin your Java package names with a lower case letter, i.e. use property instead of Property. Normally, you expect only Java classes to begin with a capital letter.
  • Usually, it is not necessary to work with the classloader, use Constants.class.getResourceAsStream("/com/xyz/property/abc.properties") instead.
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your method one has to work as far as this refers to class a and properties file is present at the destination you mentioned

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You are using a relative path (no / at the beginning), therefore getResourceAsStream starts from the package of your Object (this). Add the / at the beginning and you are searching classpath absolute and because you are in the same Classloader (your Class and your Property - File are in the same jar) here are no issues as well.

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