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I'm trying to find a gem or library to do complex role-based authorization in rails 4 which allows for role inheritance. All I've found in my searching is CanTango which has been abandoned and considered unstable by its author. (https://github.com/kristianmandrup/cantango)

Does anyone know of anything else? I've looked into CanCan but it seems to only support simple inheritance and not more complex org tree roles, which is what I need. Idealy, what I'm looking for is something along the lines of Microsoft's AD user groups.

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have you taken a look at role_model? –  Sherwyn Goh Feb 7 at 6:39
Please accept my answer if you are satisfied with it. –  Pavan Mar 19 at 10:46
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Perhaps one of the below can help you






And Checkout this link for more.

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