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Error in FUN(X[[5L]], ...) : sample size must be between 3 and 5000
Calls: tapply -> lapply -> FUN

[-4.48e-04,-4.59e-05) [-4.59e-05,-2.30e-05) [-2.30e-05,-1.15e-05) 
4688                  4687                  4686 
[-1.15e-05,-1.15e-05) [-1.15e-05, 1.14e-05) [ 1.14e-05, 1.15e-05) 
4693                 12579                  1482 
[ 1.15e-05, 1.15e-05) [ 1.15e-05, 2.30e-05) [ 2.30e-05, 4.60e-05) 
4687                  4685                  4685 
[ 4.60e-05, 4.93e-04] 

The sample sizes are all less than 5000, then why shapiro.test reports an error?

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One of the sizes is 12579 –  Zbynek Feb 7 at 6:40
User misread output posted to SO. Error is informative. –  Roman Luštrik Feb 7 at 12:20

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