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I have cross-compiled VLC (version 2.1.2) media player using buildroot for an arm board. I have connected the board to my linux PC using serial cable. When I try to run the player using "vlc" command in minicom, which is located in /usr/bin of my root filesystem. I get the following error:

inhibit interface error: Failed to connect to the D-Bus session daemon: /usr/bin/dbus-launch terminated abnormally with the following error: Autolaunch error: X11 initialization failed.

Can anyone please clarify what this error means and also can any one please tell me what is a dbus and why it is required for my VLC player.

Thanks for any help.

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The internet is a great place to gather basic information about a wide range of topics, such as "What is dbus?". (Anyway, how is this VLC supposed to play without X11 being "initialized correctly"?) –  user2864740 Feb 7 at 7:12
Thanks for quick reply. Can you please suggest how to initialize X11. I am a newbie to linux. –  Hugh Feb 7 at 7:23
X11 is usually used for the "desktop". Is such available in your installation? –  user2864740 Feb 7 at 7:26
It looks like you are using an embedded ARM board, such as a Beaglebone or a RaspberryPi... Those don't have the usual desktop, but many still can handle the X server. You can try running startx to start your X11 server. If that fails do just X as root and see what happens. –  rodrigo Feb 7 at 17:52
@rodrigo BR has at least FluxBox and Enlightenment. Try FluxBox and select xdm. That should start X automatically on startup. –  yegorich Feb 7 at 19:57

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Since you say that you have cross compiled vlc and facing dbus launch issues, I expect you are working on a minimal root fs.

Try doing this in your terminal before you run vlc:

$ export DISPLAY=:0

If you have compiled dbus with x11 support, then dbus-launch will succeed.

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I am working on a minimal rootfs based on buildroot. This error is solved for me after I have included the package "twm" in my rootfs. Then after the board is up I run following commands on the terminal:

$export DISPLAY=:0


then run vlc


This way I got rid of this error.

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