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I am trying to use Date::Calc and Delta_Days on my AIX servers to find out the no. of days between now and a future date.My code is working fine on one AIX server but giving an error on another AIX server with the same specs. here's my code

    use Date::Calc qw/Delta_Days/;
    my @today = (localtime)[5,4,3];
    $today[0] += 1900;
    my @end = (2015, 11, 12);
    $expiry = Delta_Days(@today, @end);

I checked both the servers and they are exactly similar. Not sure why it's working on one and not on another. The error I am getting on the server is

Date::Calc::PP::Delta_Days(): Usage: Date::Calc::Delta_Days($year1,$month1,$day1,$year2,$month2,$day2) at line 9

Please help. Is there any way I can get my above code in the format the error is mentioning?

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Do you have different versions of Perl or of Date::Calc installed on the two systems? What do you get running perl -v and perl -MDate::Calc -le'print $Date::Calc::VERSION'? – Dave Cross Feb 7 '14 at 11:07
The perl version on both is 5.8.8 and the module version is 6.3 on both of them. – user3164754 Feb 7 '14 at 11:48
My next step would be to write a small program that exhibits the problem (probably something like your example above) and add a print statement above the call to Delta_Days that prints the contents of @today and @end to see what values are missing. I'd also seriously consider upgrading from a version of Perl that is eight years old! – Dave Cross Feb 7 '14 at 11:57

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